Gypsum Powder

Gypsum Powder

GGC Oman Gypsum is the ideal choice for remodeling and repair works, and for the creation of beautiful cornices and decorations

GGC Oman Gypsum produces a refined and chip resistant finishes.

GGC Oman Gypsum is suitable for healthy and comfort interior door ambience. It is a high grade product that complies with the internationally set standards

You can also use GGC Oman Gypsum forwall plastering and as an adhesive for gypsumboards and other gypsum based items
on concrete and cement walls.


Name of Product Plaster of Paris
Colors White / snow white
Initial setting time > 6 min.
Final setting time >18 min
Water stucco ratio 70-75%
Compressive Strenght 9 N/mm2 after seven days
Flexural Strenght < 3 N/mm2 after seven days
Fineness 425µ sieve pass: 100%, 100µ
sieve pass: >99%
CaSO4 1/ 2H2O >90
Stability Up to 750c withoutcracking
Sodium Chloride
Contents (NaCL)
Sodium Chloride
Silica Oxide <0.53%
Calcium Carbonate 0.08-0.09%
Iron Oxide(Fe2O3) <0.05%
Packing 30kg in Polythene bags