The Adhesive Glue (Tiles)

The Adhesive Glue(Tiles)

GLO-FIX is a cement-based premium-quality water-proof tile adhesive. GLO-FIX is polymer modified to provide superior results; it utilizes modern European technology to ensure easy applications with highend outcomes.

GLO-FIX is suitable for the fixing of all types of tiles, swimming pool tiles and decorative stone claddings.

GLO-FIX is produced and packed in two varieties

White GLO-FIX packed in 20 kg yellow-colored paper bags.
Grey GLO-FIX packed in 25kg red-colore
paper bags.


Base Cement, limestone,
Additiveand Polymers
Color Grey or White
Density 1.90 g/cm3 (approximately)
Pull of strenght .80-1.90 N/mm2