Gypsum Block

Gypsum Block

GGC GYPSUM BLOCKS are the best modern choice for erecting interior walls due to high quality, less costs and fast building , they afford a healthy and calm climates in addition beautiful optic designations.
GGC gypsum blocks have been making according to global specifications with light weight and high strength which reduce the substrates costs and increase the profit, so make GGC GYPSUM BLOCKS the optimum choice for modern high buildings.


Type of blocks Hollow Gypsum blocks Solid Gypsum blocks
Design Natural white Natural white
Density Kg/m3 900 900
Grammage Kg/m2 70 90
Dimensions MM (LxWxH) 666x500x100 666×500×100
Blocks per square meter 3 3
Minimum value for breaking load KN ≥2.1 ≥4
Minimum surface
hardness shore C unit
55 55
Surface flatness deviation ≤ 1mm ≤ 1mm
Acoustic insulation dB 37 40
Thermal conductivity
w/mk λ23-50
0.33 0.33
React to fire
Noncombustible material F-180A Noncombustible material F-180A
Smoothing at joint Smoothing at joint
Paint ,Wallpaper, Tiles Paint ,Wallpaper, Tiles
Hydrophobic Gypsum Block
Water absorption ≤ 5% Water absorption ≤ 5%

Why Gypsum Blocks

  • Gypsum blocks are economic with faster construction time
  • Slimmer partition walls which result in useful area and space
  • Late determination of division of space is possible in the building process in case no user is available.
  • High economic efficiency through long useful life.
  • Ready –finished surface interiors walls without plaster ensure short construction time and less costs.
  • Perfect surface optic of the wall through smoothness and high dimensional accuracy
  • Simple dismantling with change of usage without incursion the remaining building substrate.